Monday, October 8, 2012

Nyan Cat Cake

For my 28th birthday I made a cake inspired by the notorious Nyan Cat.  My inspiration for this project came from Lydia Bakes.  The cake is the orange chiffon cake from Tartine.  It's easy recipe and forms a very level cake.  I used raspberry jam and the Quick White Icing I from Joy Of Cooking, using Cointreau for flavor.  Then, for a complete 180 from the Tartine aesthetic, I used colorful fondant for my 8-bit cat.  Wilton makes nice packs of multiple colors, and I did a little color-mixing to get the greys.      (For those of you in Austin, Make It Sweet is a nice local business that sells baking supplies.) Instead of cutting out each piece for the rainbow trail, I rolled out individual colors into snakes, lined them up, then rolled them flat into a rainbow.  I dampened the surface and applied edible glitter.  The final touch was french dragees for the stars.

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